Colours, friends, emotions

Serenello goes with you on your adventures with friends, making every moment even more sparkling.

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Why choose Serenello?

Serenello is the young, casual and vivacious brand of Serena Wines 1881. It is perfect on holidays and in your leisure time.

The joviality and liveliness of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines in this line make their mark for novelty and freshness.

The name Serenello recalls the Serena family and is its joyful, light-hearted way of being together, without forgoing the top quality typical of all wines by Serena Wines 1881.

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Serenello wines in all variants, are ideal for a moment of celebration with friends in the name of
freshness. Serenello is the choice of those who love naturalness and the brio of great wines 

Serenello Cocktails

Serenello is also the ideal wine to enrich the taste of cocktails of great effect. 
Try the suggested cocktails for a lively and fresh experience.

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